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Brian Thompson on November 20th, 2008

Before we discuss the benefits of , let us explore its importance.  Human kind has attained its present day dominance by strictly following the guidelines of intelligence and diligence in equal measure.  However, the intelligence is available now on the fingertips, due to the advancement of internet and related technologies.  This has resulted in the diligence getting a backdoor.  Hence, we see more lazy and lethargic population getting obese day by day, while they depend on such technologies to finish even simpler functions of daily life, involving a few body movements.

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Therefore, it has become more important, than ever, to be conscious of our bodies.  Bodyweight exercises are one of the best ways to obtain a healthy lifestyle and remain fit and disease free even in old age.  While many among us may recommend going to a Gym as being the best way to have body workouts; the exercises done in tune with the nature are more beneficial and can be done by all, irrespective of age.  A particular machine in a gym may strengthen a certain muscle, but it does so in complete isolation.  The other muscles of the body remain as limp as they were earlier.  Hence an exercise regime is required which can tone up all the body parts and its muscles.

One of the best complete body exercises is swimming.  Swimming tightens all our bodies muscles, particularly calf, legs and arm muscles, it is best recommended until the age of 65 years, for most people.  Walking is something that is consider a bodyweight exercise and is a good way to begin a program if you have not been active in a while.  Walking is an exercise, which can be done by everyone, irrespective of age.  You could really take walking to the next level by doing short intense sprints with some rest in between sets.  This would really accelerate your muscle growth.  The benefits of such bodyweight exercises are tremendous as they feed our bodies with enough oxygen, which is required for trouble free functioning of the heart.  Moreover, all the muscles and organs of the body get activated by such exercises, thereby strengthening the leg muscles and lower part of the body

While the above exercises are best performed outside, other bodyweight exercises can be done at home, the office or anywhere.  One of my favorite body weight exercises to do at home is .  I have even went as far as building my own dip bars.  I do have to say this was a challenging task but after some initial failures I finally got them together and they function well.  are performed by holding our bodies with two hands, between two bars, shoulder width apart and then lowering the body down till our arms are bent at right angle.  done regularly work on all muscles of the body particularly triceps and muscles of the back.

There are more natural bodyweight exercises that aim not only to improve our physical system but also our mental agility as well.  Such exercises include yoga and meditation.  It has been observed that such practices conducted regularly have a positive effect on our bodies and mind.  They rid us of all lifestyle diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes High Cholesterol and other related problems etc.. As it is a vast subject in itself the benefits of yoga and meditation shall be discussed in future articles.

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8 Responses to “Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises”

  1. I have to agree! It is a lot healthier to build muscle by body weight excercise then over straining at the gym.

  2. I love your blog! Can you give me other ideas for bodyweight exercises, especially since I am hibernating in the midst of polar temperatures here in Chicagoland?

  3. Thanks. Well without really knowing you skill level it is hard to determine what would work best for you. If you are just beginning I would start out with the basics pull-ups, dips, and push-ups. Also work you legs with body weight squats and lunges. You could alternate the days you perform these exercises until you get more strength. Then you could start with more advanced push-ups and pull-ups. On you dips you could put a backpack on with weights to increase you strength in dips. These are just some quick thoughts. Soon I will be posting my workouts and hopefully be getting them on camera.

  4. Brian,

    I have been doing body weight exercises for about a year and I can already see a big difference in my look. I would also highly recommend this style of workout.

  5. Parallel dips with diverse variation are good but i like it when one hits a plateau and then progressive overloading sets in.
    I think you can do wide grip chins to acquire strength in the biceps but still you can add weights to increase the resistance.
    However the king of all exercises is squats.this one really determines whether you are a man or not and i wouldn’t recommend free squats apart from learning the form

  6. The first benefit was your weight loss and body shaping but the most wonderful that you have learned was the discipline you organized on yourself.


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