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ravindradixit on September 19th, 2010

If there is anything we truly desire it is a break, from pressures of work, from family routine, from a low paying job, the juicier the break the greater our pleasure. We give a break to the car after having driven it for some time? Our eyes get a break, after having read or watched TV for long? Our legs are given a break after a walk or a jog? Everything gets a break, but for the butt, how, let me explain.

When we go to work, we may carry the burden of the whole office, but who carries our burden, the poor little (?) butt. When we return home after a long day’s work, we relax watching TV, on the computer, watching movies, visiting the pub, driving, etc but all this while we are parked on our . Everything gets a break, but for the butt. Then who can blame the butt for padding up a bit for a little comfort.

This story goes back a long way. As a child when little Joey wanted to go to the park or the beach, Mom and Dad were too busy doing whatever they were doing, to allow them to indulge in him. Well what does Joey do, he picks up a bag of wafers, a coke, switches on his favourite cartoon on the TV and gets onto his butt. True to form, Big Joe continues in the same rut of office, TV, computer, bar, and so on and enjoys/suffers the consequences.
Since time, life has been tough for us. In the past things have become increasingly easy and sedentary; the change is too sudden for the body organs to adjust their behaviour, which has been learned by them through millennia. Today we no longer need to do the type of physical work and exertion which was normal just a ago. Our physical systems which have been accustomed to very hard and not so much food are in fact being devastated by what we perceive as comfort and progress. Our organs are confused and do not know how to address this sudden change in life style. We need to help them by understanding our genuine requirements and then shaping our lives accordingly.

Don’t we all appreciate if our work is shared by all who enjoy the benefits? Mom loves it when the kids help at home, Dad loves it when little Joey does caddy for him on Sunday, the boss loves it if the staff contributes towards success of his favourite project, if all this be true then the butt is no exception. When he has to bear the body burden with no relief from the other body members, the butt feels used and taken for granted, he doesn’t like it and takes revenge on them. In vengeance he doesn’t permit the stomach to digest, pads up all the body parts with loads of lard, makes the joints rusty, blocks the arteries, gives the head an ache, the back a pain and makes everyone miserable. But the butt is not as wet a blanket as people make him out to be. He hates working alone but is a great one for team play. He loves it when the legs take him for a jog in the park, for a trek in the hills or a dip in the pool. He loves cycling and is quite a sport; he invariably helps by cushioning falls. And in return for the fun, he ensures that all his friends are happy and cheerful.
The message is quite simple, we have progressed a great deal in many fields but today many of us are unable to maintain our bodies the way we need to. The body feels happy only when all its components are made to work, the harder the work the better for them. The body shows its happiness by a spring in the walk, and a cheerful face. The problem is ours the solution too lies in our hands we have to find time which is strictly one’s own. So, the next time we stay longer than required on the TV or the computer, we could tell the TV that Mr TV you and your friends are great, but my butt needs a break.

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3 Responses to “But my BUTT Needs a Break”

  1. I’m all butt-hurt now. Haven’t been doing the Hidu squats lately—life and all that. Shame on me. Will resume them posthaste now. You have my word…

  2. Hi Christopher, your comment makes me very butt-happy. What could be better than an enthusiast owning up to a lapse, this is intellectual honesty and it makes us all proud.

  3. Great article ,useful blog.Congratulations !

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