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ravindradixit on September 21st, 2010

Food is probably one of the most important considerations governing our lives. What is on my plate? Should I have it, is the food right for me? Ask this question and a hundred experts are ready with advice on its pros and cons. The food industry is huge, the medical industry is also huge but our food problems are getting bigger by the day. People are just not eating right. This body is made up of what it eats; if our eating habits are unhealthy there is no way that we could be healthy. The old maxim says when in doubt go back into history.
What did our ancestors eat? Each civilisation formed its own food habits which could be right or wrong. So it would only be right to go further back that is before the advent of civilisation. The Neanderthal man existed from 2.5 million BC to 10,000 BC. He lived in forests and dwelt in caves. His food was governed by his habitat. Unlike popular belief the Neanderthals were omnivorous. They ate what was available in the forests around them. Their food comprised of fruits, vegetables, roots, seeds, nuts, leaves, grasses and flesh of animals, birds and fish. Each day the elders would go out and collect the above items from the forest around them, bringing in a great variety, say 30 to 40 types of seasonal items for the family to consume. Usually the family ate together under the watchful eye of the patriarch.
A look at the caveman’s food shows that the cavemen had no staple diet like wheat, maize, rice etc. Let us see the highlights of this diet – all the items were fresh, there was no sugar, no salt, no preservative, no dairy product, no potatoes, no millets or lentils, here is the interesting bit – the diet is essentially low in fat and carbohydrates and high in proteins, minerals, fibre and vitamins. Diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and obesity were unknown. Does this diet not remind one of what the good doctors and the dieticians often advise us on the type of food that we should be having. A visit to any forest will show that all the animals in it are well fed and healthy, we rarely find a sick or weak animal in the wild. Similarly, the Neanderthals were well fed and healthy, they did not lack good nutrition. Research shows that an average Neanderthal woman was as strong if not stronger than any super athlete of this day. They had no one to advise them and they followed their basic instincts.
Humans have evolved over millions of years. Our body organs have developed over a long period of time. We have been civilised only for the last 10,000 years, even in the medieval ages food was highly simple and primarily vegetarian in content. It is only recently that food is being grown or bred in such large quantities and so heavily processed. Our organs find it difficult to digest the various types of food that are on the table today. The forests of our ancestors have been replaced by the supermarkets of this day. I am sure we can enter them and make intelligent choices on what we should eat or avoid, and not be overly influenced by what ‘A’ or ‘B’ company says.

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8 Responses to “What Should I Eat? Ask the Caveman”

  1. I think people didn’t have a choice that is why they were eating does things, today people know more about the body and what it needs to grow strong and healthy (biologically speaking) and that is why I don’t think we can compare those times with what it is now.

    But the fact that companies name makes us chose what we eat is an other effect of your times. Marketing and money have changed even the way we eat :(.
    Jocuri´s last [type] ..Masini 3D Turbo

  2. Why did the cavemen bring back food and why didn’t they eat it themselves as soon as they found it?
    Nitish´s last [type] ..Bangalores beggars

  3. Everyone can eat how much he want and what he want, but we can’t all eat healty. Some ppl have problems with money or all kinds of problems.

    I think everyone can eat what he want on his own risk.

  4. Yes we can eat what we like but we must remember that our bodies are made up of what we eat. We have to be intelligent while we make our food selection. It is because we are not discerning between the vast availability of food stuff and our actual requirements, that there is so much disease and discomfort in the world. Obesity is a modern day epidemic and with obesity come a host of avoidable health problems. With ill-health come disease and morbidity, and the choice is entirely ours. We have to be careful while making our choice of food, exercise, rest and leisure habits.

  5. eating healthy isnt that expensive.. a diet of frozen berries, natural peanut butter, greek yogurt, natural eggs, frozen white fish, and a high fiber cereal. really doesnt cost any more than a ton of “cheap” junk food. and if 50 bucks every two weeks per person is too much to afford you need to get government assistance.. or cut back on the unnecessary expenses

  6. if your in the country it can be even cheaper as wonderful berries such as blackberries are plentiful in the wild

  7. The story of evolution of man is quite interesting. The human body and organs have changed constantly with the passage of time and process of development is influenced greatly by the environment.

  8. If one is fortunate enough to be living by the countryside, or when out trekking, then it would indeed be a pleasure to pluck berries in the wild. Some knowledge of edible berries, wild fruit, mushrooms, leaves, fish, edible lizards, birds, snakes and other wild life would be useful. The wild has a great amount of food available in it, only a person has to know how to exploit it safely, with no risk to the individual or the environment, and within confines of the law.

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