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Brian Thompson on August 11th, 2011

Throughout life we are constantly faced with choices.  If we are wise about our options it can lead us to great things but if we go wrong we can do damage to ourselves and others around us. O nly by learning the facts can we make the right decisions and when it comes to our health there is a lot of very confusing information out there.

The environment we live and work in is a major factor in health and there is no doubt that if you can get outdoors and breath fresh air every day it will help you feel more alive.  However, we can`t stay fit and healthy just by breathing it is important to exercise regularly and to make good choices in what you eat and drink too.

We also need to make considered decisions on how green our food choices are.  Many of our favorite ingredients travel thousands of miles to get to us which although convenient for us, it is not always good for the environment.  It`s also important to consider how nutritious food is after traveling half way across the world to reach us. As a general rule it`s best to keep the harvest to plate distance to the bare minimum. Eating healthily and ensuring your diet is rich in fresh local produce will have a long term effect on the health of you and of the planet.

There is no need to join an expensive gym in order to take control of your fitness.  In fact if you want to be green and fit it could be argued that a gym is not a very carbon friendly place, with all the electricity burned up running it.  Quite simply walking, running or cycling outdoors are excellent ways of keeping fit. It is important to get your heart rate up above your normal for at least 15 to 30 minutes every second day and you will start to see the benefits before too long.

Smoking, drinking and eating high fat or sugary foods all have a direct impact on your health and your appearance.  Your skin, teeth, hair and nails will show signs of ill health on the outside while your body struggles to cope on the inside. Red wine, coffee and nicotine can not only harm your health but also stain your teeth. However it is possible to hide the cosmetic signs of damage with teeth whitening

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  1. I know that having to live in this world is hard, but having to live green too is even harder. I try to do it, but I don’t know if I will ever make it!

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