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Brian Thompson on August 29th, 2009

Our Hearts Tell Us The Truth.

You know it, I know it, so why not just follow it.  I don’t think another study needs to be done to point out the facts we know in our hearts.  Fruits, nuts and vegetables will give us all that we need and heal our bodies of disease and allow us to live a fulfilling life.   The plan, although simple, is still tough for many with their current lifestyles.

We have to get the kids here, get the kids there, no time for gardens, no time to prepare meals.  However, it is time we set our bodies as our main priority.  In reality, we consume beyond our needs.  Most of us are focused on material things that really don’t matter.  They will continue to matter less and less as your health declines to the point where you can’t even enjoy those material trinkets.  Because, compared with your health, all else in life is just a trinket.

So why not take care of your body now?

When it comes to our bodies’ health, that is something that truly matters.   In the end, it is all you have to sustain even if all the material things were wiped away.

I had a discussion today with a friend of mine and we discussed a very important fact.  When we were put on this earth we could only consume what we could produce ourselves.  We met our needs and that was it.  Now we meet our needs, wants and desires and then proceed to over- consume, beyond belief.   This is causing the earths’ health to decline as well.  Simply put, this cannot continue at the current pace.

A study I recently read about http://api.tr.im/xqgw reinforces the fact that we need to consume more fruits and vegetables.  As you can see from the article there are several food choices of the variety that are high in antioxidants.

Foods that are high in antioxidants

Russet Potatoes



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8 Responses to “Utilize Green Fitness Means Eating More Fruits and Veggies”

  1. I have begun not only to eat more fruits and vegetables, I have
    begun juicing in earnest– juicing allows me to consume WHOLE
    foods, and I can attest to the benefits, even after the short time
    I’ve been doing it. I would highly recommend it…

  2. I know its crazy, we know what we should do but we just don’t do
    it! All the studies say time and time again that we need to eat
    more fruit and veg. I find I go through stages though. Sometimes
    I’m really healthy and eat really good quality, fresh food and then
    I fall off the wagon and hit the rubbish! Thanks for the
    interesting article and links though. I’m off to eat an apple! .-=

  3. Another study! I get a bit annoyed by the ‘marketing hype’ behind
    some of the natural health products when in reality we’d be better
    off eating fruits and veg in their normal and natural state. The
    problem is there are not quite the same level of marketing
    resources to promote them! i think we need more education on the
    nutritional properties of our standard, local fruit and veg to
    better inform people.

  4. I think its been mentioned before that it takes about 19 days to make something habitual. Therefor, we can use that to our advantage to create good habits. The hard part about anything like weight loss, exercise, or eating right is getting through those first 19 days, but after that it becomes so mechanical that you don’t even know you are doing it – so it becomes easy.

  5. I do agree that eating green can cleanse your body but I also believe that eating meat is something necessary because there are certain proteins that don’t exist somewhere else then in meat.

    So the best solution, I think, it would be if we could strike a balance between eating green and having some meat from time to time.
    Jocuri´s last [type] ..Jocuri de gatit

  6. Eat only green is not so good for the body, but if you add a little meat and green is great addition.

    Alex’s recently blog ..jocuri fotbaljocuri cu camioane

  7. Hi ,really like your blog ,because are very interesting and very useful articles here ,I will return soon for other items.

    Take care of you !

    George’s recently blog ..jocuri barbie

  8. I know that vegetables are good for you so I always try to eat at least 1 or 2 at every table, even when I go to fast food!

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